Best Road Trip Destinations in the USA

I am often asked by people where they should go on their next vacation. I always tell them it is up to them to decide, but if I were to make a suggestion, it would be something related to the outdoors. There are so many great places to visit that are related to the outdoors that it would be impossible for me to even begin to suggest a “top” list.

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Pacific Coast Highway – California

The PCH, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic drives in the world. It runs the entire length of the California coast from the border of Mexico in the south to the border of Oregon in the north. If you drive from southern California all the way up to northern California, you will be traveling along the PCH the entire distance. It is a two-lane road that hugs the coastline and there are no tunnels or bridges to get in the way of your view.

Because it is a two-lane road, it can get really jammed up with tourists during the summer months. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel along the PCH during those months, but just be aware of the potential traffic problems. There are many great hotels and restaurants located right on the PCH where you can stop for a break. Some of my favorites include the Buena Vista House (pictured at left) which was the setting for some of the scenes in the movie “Pulp Fiction”, The Pelican Grand Hotel (pictured at right), the Shingle Inn and the Elbow Room (pictured below).

Going-to-the-Sun Road – Montana

Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 50-mile long road that winds its way through the mountains in northwest Montana. It is the only road that goes up and then comes down again. It was named after the Going to the Sunlight River which is a tributary of the Missouri River that flows through the area. It is accessible from either direction by taking I-90 West out of Billings, MT, or I-94 East out of Denver, CO. Once you are on Going-to-the-Sun Road, you will be surrounded by the beautiful splendor of the Rocky Mountains.


In brief, here are the highlights: There are five distinct geographic regions that you will travel though when you are on this road. They are: Going-to-the-Sunlight River Valley Going-to-the-Sunlight River Plateau Going-to-the-Sunlight Creek Valley Going-to-the-Sunlight Creek Plateau Going-to-the-Sunlight Mountain Summit These are all described in more detail in my previous post titled “The Geographic Regions of the United States”, but in general, they describe the elevation gain and loss you will experience as you travel the length of the road.

Olympic Peninsula – Washington

The Olympic Peninsula is one of the nine original U.S. Federal Maritime Sub-Districts. It is located at the westernmost end of the State of Washington. It is bordered by water on three sides; its western border is defined by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and it is bounded on the south by the southern half of the San Juan Islands, and on the north by Puget Sound. The northernmost point of the peninsula is called Cape Flattery and it is located at the entrance to Hood Canal which is one of the four principal waterways that flow into Puget Sound.


In brief, here are the highlights: There are numerous islands scattered throughout Hood Canal, Puget Sound, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. There are also numerous peninsulas that extend outward from the main body of the Olympic Peninsula. These include the Clallam, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, and Kitsap Peninsulas. The largest city located on the Olympic Peninsula is Sequim which is located on the western side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. That’s it for this month. I hope you found the information in this issue both interesting and useful. Next month, I am going to begin a new section of my newsletter that will discuss marketing in general. This month, I have discussed only the basics. I will cover more advanced topics in my next issue. So stay tuned.

Cape Cod – Massachusetts

Cape Cod is an arm of land that extends out into Massachusetts Bay. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Gulf of Maine (Atlantic Ocean) to the north, Buzzards Bay to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean and Woods Hole to the south. The southernmost point on Cape Cod is called South Wellfleet Point which is located at the head of Woods Hole. The northernmost point on the cape is called North Wellfleet Point which is located at the head of Eastham. There are a number of towns located on Cape Cod including Orleans which is the oldest town on the cape, and Provincetown which is the most well-known town on the cape. In brief, here are the highlights: Cape Cod has many miles of beautiful beaches that are great for walking, running, and cycling.

By comparison, the rest of Massachusetts has very little coastline. If you are looking for a place with lots of activities and things to do, this is the place to be! Cape Cod has many state parks and national seashores that are extremely popular. As a result, there are often long lines of cars and people to use these facilities. However, if you know how to go about it, you can use the “back door” methods to get onto the cape and avoid these long lines. The back door methods are discussed in Section 3.1 of this report. There are many B&Bs (Bed & Breakfasts) located on the cape.

Red Rock Country – Arizona


The town of Red Rock in southeastern Arizona is located near the Mexican border. It is bordered by the town of San Luis to the north, the town of San Antonio to the east, and the town of Ajo to the south. The western edge of Red Rock is adjacent to the Dragoon Mountains which are part of the Dragoon Range that extends southeastward from Red Rock into southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. Red Rock is near the head of the San Antonio River which flows eastward out of the Dragoon Range. Red Rock was established in 1886 by a man named Henry M. Greene. At that time, he laid out a town site on both sides of the river.


There you have it. An overview of some of the best locations for retirement in the United States. As I said earlier, this list is not definitive. It is merely an indication of where I think you should consider retiring if you are thinking about doing so. Remember, there are many other factors that you should consider when deciding where to retire. For example, cost of living, climate, medical facilities, culture, and much more. However, what I have outlined here is the first step. The next step is for you to go out and do some serious research on your own. In fact, I encourage you to do as I did and to explore the various possibilities yourself.

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